Collaborations and Partnerships FAQs


Do you have a blog, social media account, or another organization? Let's work together!


Can I feature your products on my social media platform?

Sure! We love shout-outs and are happy to return the favor on our accounts. 

Will you send me free product?

Samples are available for collaboration purposes. 

Will you pay for my posts?

There are many ways to help each other grow! Let's explore all the options to see how best to work together. 

Do you work with charities, fundraisers, and non-profit organizations?

Yes. Please contact us at for exclusive discounts reserved to help those who need it most. 



Interested in selling our products yourself? See below for guidelines and how to get started. 


Do you sell wholesale?

We do approve wholesale partnerships on a case by case basis.

Which products can I sell?

We'll send you a list of available products once your application is approved. 

Can I sell on my own website?

No. All of our partnerships are for brick and mortar stores or other physical storefronts.

Can I re-sell to other vendors?

No. Anything you purchase is for your personal or business use only. Re-selling to other vendors of any kind will permanently terminate our partnership. 

How do I get started?

Please send an email to letting us know you are interested in a partnership and we'll respond with an application to get you started! Any additional questions can also be directed there.