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We have a passion for products that bring JOY into every day living!
Whether that's through a cozy blanket, a beautiful accent for your home, or a snuggly pal to cuddle with, we strive to offer high quality items at affordable prices so we can spread the joy we feel around like confetti.
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  • Spider Warm Pal kept my daughter warm through covid, kept my pain down through my first trimester and currently icing my husband's hand after an industrial accident. Truly a friend for all occasions!


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  • This blanket is so soft and comforting. I ordered this as a gift to myself when I needed a lil extra warmth in my life. There’s a little bit of weight to it that just makes it feel like a hug. I would definitely purchase again.


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  • Extremely fast shipping, very soft, the perfect weight for a cuddle up blanket early in the morning or at night. Highly recommend the blanket-great quality, affordable price.


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  • I had surgery and wanted something cute to cuddle and sleep with. It’s very soft and loving the heavier weight. I put the insert in the microwave for heat or freezer for cold. He lays across my new knee perfect without falling off. Adorable.


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